Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Extremely Sad & Depressed Animals

Animals look unexpected and gorgeous when they are depressed/sad. While animals don't yell in the way that people do, they do generate tears. While animals should not weep like people, they do, on the other hand, discharge cries which appear to show passionate trouble. Infant animals of different sorts will vocalize when split from their mothers. See here some of Sad/Depressed Animals new photographs given underneath. 
 Depressed Bear
 Sad Panda
 Sad Animal
 Depressed Dog
 Very Sad Gorilla
 Sad Puppy
 Depressed Dog
 Sad & Cute Puppy
 Very Sad Baby Elephant
Sad Bear


  1. Ok, I cannot do this anymore, your "dog" is actually a bear and you called an orangutan a gorilla, I know it's supposed to be cute but please make an effort to know what kind of animal it is before being so blatantly ignorant! There will be no more comments... I'm done!


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