Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Camel A Funniest Animal

The Camel is actually an exclusive animal, some think it really is attractive, although others, probably extra lucidly, find it for being fairly less kissable! A camel's hump does not keep water. It suppliers fat, reducing heat-holding insulating material all over the rest of the entire body. Camels could drink up to 40 gallons of water all at once. Their heat ranges from 34 levels Celsius at night to 41 degrees while during the day. They don't start to sweat till they are above 41 degrees. A camel is a funny animal as well, see below some of Camel's most funniest pictures-images.
 Funny Camel
 Funny Camel No Parking
 Camel Tattoos
 Funny Camel New Pic
 Funny Camels In Car
 Funny Camel Inside Car
 Camel Smoking
Camel Drinking

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